Lower vertebrates such as fish, amphibians, and birds possess a self-repair mechanism in which glial cells differentiate into neurons to restore damaged neural tissue. However, mammals have lost this self-repair capability. Genemagic is dedicated to unlocking this function, thereby creating new opportunities for human therapeutic potential.


The core technologies of Genemagic include in vivo cell reprogramming and neuroprotection technologies.



In vivo Cell Reprogramming


Genemagic's in vivo cell reprogramming technology involves the delivery of reprogramming factors to glial cells using AAV vectors, thereby inducing the transdifferentiation of these cells into specific types of neurons. The company's research team has successfully identified and validated multiple reprogramming factors through high-throughput screening. Currently, regenerable neuron types include dopaminergic cells, optic nerve cells, photoreceptor cells, and more.





Genemagic's neural protection technology involves the delivery of protective factors to neurons or glial cells using AAV vectors to sustain the survival and functionality of neurons. The company's research team has identified a target that directly combats cell death in neurons through high-throughput screening. This target has demonstrated extensive neuroprotection properties in various neurodegenerative disease models and human brain organoids.

Our dual therapeutic strategy for Parkinson's Disease